A constant challenge that advertisers face is customer acquisition; namely, finding and marketing to a new audience base. While advertisers can always add a new blog or a coupon website to its affiliate program, the reality is that very few new publishers have a customer base that doesn’t overlap with another blog or coupon site already in the program.

In order to find new channels and untapped market segments, one must think outside the box. Below are three examples where we created and launched novel campaigns to help advertisers connect with organizations, and turned them into non-traditional affiliate partners.

School fundraising ideas have not changed much through the years - book fairs, restaurant nights, and chocolate candy bars - buying things you don't want or need. And the cost to participate in these events can cut into the school's fundraising totals.

Introduce the Shutterfly School Fundraising program, an affiliate marketing idea that turns school fundraising upside down. This program offers passive, year-round opportunities to fundraise - whether it's the holidays or birthdays, and photo cards or photo books, all purchases through the Shutterfly School Fundraising program generates a 13% affiliate commission that is donated back to the school.

It's easy to setup and free to run, there are no start-up costs, and there are no product mark-ups; money is raised when parents shop through their school's Shutterfly School Fundraising page. It's as simple as that!
The East Bay SPCA is a nonprofit organization committed to eliminating animal cruelty, neglect, and overpopulation. Whether it's a bed, food, or toys, donated items to help care for the pets at their facilities are always appreciated.

Campaign 1
A pet shelter like EBSPCA has the ideal demographic of customers for a merchant like Petco, and this is where eShopedia combined "need" with "opportunity". We created a web store featuring items from EBSPCA's Shelter Wish List and linked it to Petco's affiliate program. This gave EBSPCA supporters an easy way to purchase and donate much-needed items to the shelter.

Furthermore, the affiliate commission paid by Petco for items purchased from the web store was donated to EBSPCA, benefiting the organization two-fold!
Campaign 2
We also introduced EBSPCA to the Shutterfly affiliate program, creating "care packages" for owners of newly adopted pets.

Inside the goodie bags were exclusive discounts for the new pet owners to create home- and pet-related items from Shutterfly, such as pet adoption announcement cards.

As with Petco, the affiliate commission earned was also donated back to EBSPCA.
Through affiliate partners like Shutterfly and Minted, real estate agents can market themselves in creative new ways while also helping their charitable organizations.

Campaign 1
One great way many agents stay top-of-mind with clients is to send out holiday cards. If purchased through their brokerage affiliate links, agents will also have a percentage of their order amount donated to their charity.
Moving Annoucement Cards
Campaign 2
Real estate agents strive to provide high-touch, personalized service to their clients. For a new homeowner, gifting something as practical as moving announcement cards and address labels can be perceived as extremely thoughtful. We worked with advertisers to create vouchers that real estate agents can give their clients and redeemed through affiliate links.
Campaign 3
PhotoBooks_Agent_Gift Another unique gifting idea is photo books. A home staged by a professional with photos taken by a professional can look amazing. We taught real estate agents how to use those photos to create a photo book; the end result is a highly personal gift for their clients. For the sellers, the photo book is like a memoir that preserves the memories of living in that home. For the buyers, the photo book can be a great coffee table book and conversation starter.

As with all other purchases, agents can also have a percentage of their order amount donated to their charity simply by using their brokerage affiliate links.

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