How It Works: Fundraising with eShopper July 3, 2012

eShopedia’s innovative product, the eShopper button, is helping schools improve their fundraising efforts by making it easier for parents to access school referral links that can pay 4%-15% commission for everyday purchases from merchants like,, Office Depot, Groupon, and more.
With the release of eShopper v1.2, eShopedia has automated the referral process. The new button automatically adds the school or organization’s referral ID on over 300 websites so the user does not need to click on referral links ever again. Install it once, forget about it forever.
Here’s how it works:
(1) Apply for a customized eShopper button for your child’s school or your charity by sending us an email.
(2) If approved, you will receive a vanity URL to install a version of eShopper that is registered to your school or organization.
(3) Start shopping your favorite sites. If it is a merchant partner website, you will be temporarily redirected to a transition page to notify you that your purchases will earn a donation for your school or organization. 
(4) If you do not see your school’s/organization’s banner on the transition page, your eShopper button is not registered. Please send us an email so we can help you.
(4) Your school or organization may use the transition page to post a message or a special offer.
(5) If you see the “e” logo activated on your browser toolbar, you can click on it to see what promotions or coupon codes are available for that merchant. Click here to learn more about how to use the eShopper button to find deals. (*Note – the location of the eShopper button will depend on the browser type)
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