Innovative new product from eShopedia redefines the online shopping experience and makes it easier than ever for consumers to save. No more hunting for deals or coupons; instead, let eShopper deliver them to the merchant website directly. For retailers, this technology offers a new approach to targeted advertising. 

Foster City, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

In Field of Dreams, the quote is “If you build it, he will come”. For eShopedia, the equivalent would be “If you install it, the savings will come”. With the launch of eShopper, eShopedia has solved a problem that all consumers have experienced when looking for coupons online – more often than not, the search returns nothing but expired coupons or invalid coupon codes.

Not anymore.

Once the eShopper button is added to the browser, this experience takes a 180-degree turn. No longer will users need to chase after coupons when shopping online; instead, the coupons will already be waiting at the merchant website. All users need to do is shop at their favorite online stores and if there are any ongoing promotions, the orange eShopper icon will appear inside the browser’s address bar on the right (note, actual color and location may vary depending on browser type). Clicking on the “e” button opens a dropdown that displays all the specials currently available. For example, on recently, eShopper showed a promo code to save $5 on select Star Wars items and a couple of “Buy 2, Get a Target Gift Card” promotions. Instead of wasting time searching high and low all over the internet universe to find these deals, eShopper now delivers it to users with a click of the button.

“With eShopper in your corner, there’s no extra work involved to find savings. All you have to worry about is finding the perfect pair of jeans,” says eShopedia Co-Founder Jack Chiang. “Let us worry about finding the promotions.” This innovative approach of delivering coupons directly to the merchant’s site is appealing because it compliments people’s normal shopping habits. “Most folks don’t want to waste time looking for coupon codes on affiliate websites because it may not be worth the hassle just to save a couple of bucks,” says Chiang, “but if it’s already waiting for you at the store’s website, why not use it?”

Furthermore, these promotional codes come directly from the merchants themselves, so they are the most up-to-date available. With over 200 affiliate partnerships in place, customers are likely to find some sort of promotion available at their favorite websites, including baby stores, clothing, shoes, department stores, and even restaurants. As eShopedia develops more direct partnerships with merchants, the quantity and quality of these promotions will increase.

Already, eShopedia has customized eShopper to support different requests from partners such as GiftCardBin, YourBestDeals, and eBags. “We’ve configured eShopper to deliver the gift cards in GiftCardBin’s inventory to the correct merchant website,” says Chiang. “As soon as a customer visits that site, the discounted gift card promotion will appear.” For YourBestDeals, eShopper was configured to deliver travel deals to their corporate Facebook page. For eBags, eShopper was configured to deliver luggage promotions to travel reservation sites and diaper bag promotions to parenting blog sites. Merchants that are interested learning more about eShopper (including a demo) or information about partnering with eShopedia to customize deals should contact Jack Chiang at jack(at)eshopedia(dot)com.

eShopper is available for free on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari from Click on the “Get eShopper for free” button and follow the browser’s installation instructions. For those that use multiple browsers, separate installations are necessary for each browser. Note that there are slight differences on the location and appearance of the eShopper button depending on the browser; please see our blog for details.

About eShopedia LLC
eShopedia is a start-up headquartered in Foster City. Their website offers an easier way for shoppers to navigate through dozens of store promotions, social buying sites, and daily deal sites all from one place. Plus, the recent introduction of the eShopper button takes the convenience of saving online to a whole new level. No more chasing after expired or invalid coupon codes; just shop, and if there are promotions available, eShopper will notify the user. eShopedia also provides specials via its Facebook page, Twitter account, and Blog. For more information, please visit or

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Introducing eShopper, The Personal Deal-Finding Concierge