Why shop at only one store when you can shop at many? Whereas our solution for advertisers focuses specifically on promoting one merchant, the eShopedia Storefront partners with hundreds of merchants. Schools and non-profits can shop at a variety of stores – from travel to clothing to home/office, and more – and a percentage of each purchase is donated back to the organization, at no extra cost to you!

Through eShopedia.org, we developed a fundraising platform to support schools, clubs, and non-profits. For many of these organizations, the concept of fundraising through affiliate marketing is a novelty – “we can raise money buying things we already buy?” (Read: How It Works)

Each organization we work with gets a personalized Storefront with all the affiliate tracking embedded, so a parent can simply click and shop away. The storefront can also be added as an app button on your smartphone, catering to the conveniences of shopping on your mobile device.

We also support fundraising through other creative ways, namely fantasy football contests. This is a great way to engage the dads while also raising money for the schools. We work with advertisers to secure prizes that are redeemed through the school’s affiliate links.

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